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How to Pick the Best Personal Trainer Dubai and UAE

If you wish to meet your fitness goals, you need to get a qualified fitness personal trainer rather than do the exercise on your own. The personal trainer can assist you in developing fitness goals and working on each in order of priority to achieve overall fitness.

There are several personal trainers across Dubai and the UAE. Your choice of any of the service providers is dependent on a few things that are discussed in this article. The choice of the right personal trainer has a significant impact on achieving fitness goals. Therefore, it is good to take time when choosing one.

What Benefits Does a Personal Trainer Bring

Here are some reasons why you should have a personal trainer Dubai for your fitness routine:

It Increases Accountability

Working out is all fun until you reach the challenging part of the routine. It feels tiring and many people lack the energy to keep going. Most of the time, if there is no one waiting to meet you at the gym, you will likely skip out for a few days. Unfortunately, this only serves to derail your fitness goals.

Having a personal trainer Dubai will give you the boost that you need to get going when you do not have the energy to move on. They will be the voice of encouragement when you fall short of your targets and a push when all you want to do is lie down and not workout.

You will Do a Proper Workout

Working out is not just sweating it out in a gym. You need to know how your body works and the best approach to gain muscle, lose weight, condition it, or enhance flexibility. A personal trainer is trained in human anatomy and how different parts of the body react to various fitness initiatives.

They use the knowledge to help you come up with a workout routine that touches the right pain points in your body and ties it to your fitness goals. If you have tried fitness training on your own without any progress, maybe the approach was wrong. A personal trainer Dubai will help you create a plan that best fits your busy schedule while offering you advice on how to accelerate your movement to meet your fitness goals.

Assist in Goal Setting

Not everyone joins the fitness field with any goals. Many people do not know what they want from their fitness routine. A personal trainer Dubai can assist in setting and achieving fitness goals.

In addition to setting goals, a personal trainer helps break them down into workable targets that can be achieved within a set time frame. This helps you evaluate your progress and improve your morale to meet the bigger goals. Avoid working out without any plan in mind by getting a trainer to assist.

Helps Promote Exercise Variety

Most people have a habit of using the same gym equipment or doing the same workouts at home. Unfortunately, this only works out some parts of the body and can get boring over time.

A personal trainer Dubai can introduce different types of exercises that you can do with the equipment you already have at home or vary the basic exercises you perform to accelerate the meeting of your goals. Remember, exercise has to be fun to get you going. Find someone who will inject variety into it to make it worthwhile to do every day.

Train for a Specific Sport

Do you wish to join sports specialties such as boxing, MMA, rugby, football, or marathon, among others? Each of these sports requires the athletes to be generally physically fit, but each has its own special needs. For example, long-distance marathoners need more endurance than hockey players.

Trainers can usher you into the specific sport that you are interested in by providing a workout plan that meets the specific needs of the discipline. You just need to pick one that understands the sport and its needs.

How Do You Pick the Best Personal Trainer Dubai and the UAE?

As said earlier, there are countless personal trainers in the UAE and Dubai. The choice of one over the other is dependent on some of the factors below.


When it comes to education, the qualifications can vary widely. However, the trainer should have a certificate in a related field. Common qualifications in this area are exercise science, nutrition, sports science and exercise-related professional qualifications.

Most gym trainers display their qualifications on the premises or provide them upon request. However, for most online trainers, you may have to ask. It is important to determine if the personal trainer Dubai has the qualifications to help you achieve your goals, especially if your target is joining a specific sport. For general fitness, someone with knowledge of nutrition and exercise-related qualifications would do.


Experience is as important as qualifications. You need to go to a personal trainer Dubai that has handled similar clients and helped them meet their goals. For example, if you plan to join boxing, you need to go to a trainer who has experience training boxers. This way, you are assured that the training you are going to have will enable you to excel in the field.

You may check the trainer’s portfolio to know what they have been up to since they joined the field and to evaluate if they are the right match. If you are training for a specific sport, you can ask for references from people who have passed through the trainer’s hands in the field.


Compatibility may be required in specific situations. For example, if you are only available in the morning or evening, you need a personal trainer Dubai who is available during this time to accommodate your schedule. On the other hand, if you feel comfortable being trained by a particular gender, you will pick a trainer of that gender.

In addition, you may need a trainer that works with the physically challenged or has training in rehabilitation (if you’ve had an accident in the past). Use such things to pick the most compatible trainer for your fitness schedule.

The Gym or Studio

The location of the gym (if you are going to a physical studio) is vital. Go for trainers who are located near your place of work or home. This way, you will not have a reason to skip your training. In addition, you can still find some time in your tight schedule to get some exercise.

In the same breath, check the kind of equipment available before signing up. You may not be familiar with exercise equipment, but you can request a tour of the gym. Most likely, you will see people working out and a variety of fitness equipment. This is an indication that the gym is prepared to offer a variety of exercises.

Resources (for Online Trainers)

You could also hire online trainers. Unlike the traditional gym, these may offer live sessions or video content and guidelines to their customers. Before signing up, you may ask for a sample of the exercise content. Most will gladly offer a video, an eBook, or a handbook. Check if it offers in-depth exercise guidelines.

Given that you are looking for a personal trainer Dubai, the fitness professional should provide a one-on-one session with you so that they are able to evaluate your progress and give further guidance. Otherwise, you are likely to end up with lots of videos that have no impact.


Pricing should be the last thing that you check when looking for the best personal trainer Dubai. Rates vary according to factors such as the length of the session, the credentials of the trainer, expertise in a given area of specialization and experience. Do not just go for the cheapest personal trainer in town. Check if the trainer has the qualities addressed above and charges fairly for their services.

Some personal trainers offer add-ons to their basic packages, such as extended personal assistance in nutrition, visits to your home or office and extensive programmes where you need to meet your goals rather quickly. If you have the budget, you can pick a few add-ons that you feel will help you meet your goals.

It is worthwhile to get a personal trainer to help you meet your fitness goals, whether you want to gain muscle, lose weight, or join sports. We offer free advice on exercise to all our potential customers. Reach out to us and let us get started on your fitness goals.